Vital statistics
Real Name Penelope Kyrie
Aliases Techie
Gender Female
Species Alien
Status Alive
Alignment none
Likes Computers, math, crazy colors
Dislikes Rural thing/places, simple machines, boring colors
Place of Origin distant planet in a distant galaxy
Relatives Suka Kyrie (Mother)Jen Kyrie (Father)
Allies none
Enemies mother and father
Affiliations {{{Teams, Countries, or individuals}}}
Powers & Abilities
Powers control of technology
Weaknesses mother and father, flahbacks
Equipment Her hands, her mind
First Appearance N/A

Pinky is an alien from a distant galaxy, she appears to a bright and happy person. She is not good nor evil, she will ally herself with whoever is of convienience to her plans.


Pinky's most outstanding feature are her big, flourescent pink colored eyes. She has elfish features and tanned skin. Her hair is a little longer than shoulder length, and is actually light brown, with alot of black, pink, and turquoise highlights in it. She wears brightly colored, frivilous clothes that clearly showcase her extravagant personality.


For the most part is very optimistic and happy despite her tragic past, but on the rare occasions when something reminds Pinky of her planet, or her parents, she basically freaks out. Also if you make Pinky mad, the consequences are severe.

Pinky since arriving on earth, had not developed any relationships with a human. Neither had she had any friends or siblings on her home planet. So regarding Matthew, she is very over protective and does not like it when he engages in battle. She rather battle herself and keep Matthew out of the conflict. She is very attached to him and relates to him as a little brother, and of course, like any other big sister she likes to boss him around.

Powers and Abilities

She can touch a piece of techonlogy and control it. So if she were to touch a gun she could disemble it and put it back together, or make it into something else, even shoot it without pressing the trigger. The one drawback is, she can't take the gun, and transform it into a chainsaw, or a toaster, because she can only use the materials the gun is made out of. If she were to simply put her finger on a computer, she could receive all it's information and store it in her head. She also has electrokinesis so she can control electricity at will and such.

Pinky may not seem very intellectual, but she has a genius IQ and has huge mental capacities, her head is sort of like a warehouse in which she stores countless information.

Pinky's weapon of choice, well actually her only weapon, is what she refers to as her Stick. The stick is a long slim stick of dark matter that only Pinky can manipulate. Pinky can change the Stick into anything she wants, from a chainsaw, to a simple cellphone, anything is possible.


Pinky likes to make up nicknames for people, no matter who it is.

Pinky's theme song is More and More by Dj Hixxy-listen to it!

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