Titans International
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date May 31, 2013
Written by Tammar
Directed by Tammar
Episode Guide
Pilot, Part II
 Pilot, Part I is the premiere episode of Titans International.

The Episode

(Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven were in the Titans tower.)

Cyborg: Slow day...

Raven: Whatever.

Beast Boy: What we need is tofu.

Robin: Actually, we need some action. But it's just plain slow today.

(The team is bored with nothing to do, and with that, the scene shifts to the outside of the tower. A military plane is seen approaching. The annonymous pilot presses a button on the plane, and missles come out. The scene shifts back to the team.)

Starfire: What is that in the sky?

Cyborg: It's a bird!

Beast Boy: No, no, it's a plane!

Raven: Whatever.

Robin steps forward and closley looks.

Robin: It's a... EVERYONE GET OUT!

(The missle hits the tower, and a big explosion happens. Robin is shown after the explosion. He takes out his communicator after a worried face.)

Robin: This is Robin of the Teen Titans speaking. Calling all units, Titans East, honorary members, The Jusitce League for crying out loud! Someone... Please help, we're hit. I can't find anyone.

(Robin puts his communicator down. H estarts searching in the depths of the explosion. He sees a rock move.)

Robin: What is that?

(A green tiger comes out, and it turns back to Beast Boy.)

Robin: Beast Boy, you're alive!

Beast Boy: I am... Where are the others?

Robin: I looked everywhere... I couldn't find them... I even sent alerts to the Titans East, honorary members, even the Justice League.

(Robin gets an alert on his communicator.)

Speedy (Through communicator): This is Speedy of the Titans East. We have also been hit, I repeat, the Titans East have also been hit. It appears that Aqualad and I are the only survivng members of this incident. I am sorry to say, but we have to presume that Bumblebee and Mas y Menos are... dead.

(Robin turns to BB)

Beast Boy: Do you we think we have to assume the same thing about-

Robin: No, no, no! It can't be!

Beast Boy: Robin... I think we have to assume it...

(A few days later, Dick and Garfield were walking at a park. They were talking as they walk.)

Dick: The Titans are gone, Gar, what are we gonna do? Work solo? A partnership maybe?

Garfield: Actually, Dick, I think I'm gonna take a break.

Dick: A break?

Garfield: It's just not the same without the team... I think I'm gonna keep this ID mask a bit longer...

Dick:  That put me down, Gar.

Garfield: Why do you care, Dick? I'm 13, give me a break. You're 17, you were about to graduate to the Justice League. It was just a matter of months.

Dick: You thought I would join the league without you guys?

Garfield: All I'm saying is that you and Kori would have left in a few months, and Vic and Ray would go next year. I would have been stuck with a new generation for a few years.

Dick: Gar, th JL can accept under-18 members. I wouldn't have joined without all of you.

Garfield: Doesn't matter, Dick. I'm still taking a break. I need this.

Dick: Well... good luck.

Garfield: What are you gonna do?

Dick: I have an idea.

(The scene shifts to Roy Harper next to the destroyed tower of Titans East)

Roy: I could have done something. Something that would have saved them. This... all of it... is my fault.

(Garth comes)

Garth: Roy, what are you doing here?

Roy: You really wanna know, Gillhead?

Garth: Kind of.

Roy: Before I tell you, what are you gonna do after this?

Garth: I'm gonna be a solo hero.

Roy: But you saw the danger of it.

Garth: I did, and being a solo hero is the best option for me. It might be dangerous, but it's worth it. 

Roy: Well here's what I'm gonna do.

(He picks up his bow and arrow)

Roy: I'm gonna find out who did this.

(Dick Grayson is seen walking in the street. He picks up his phone and calls Wally West)

Dick: Wally... This is Dick.

Wally: Dick? What are you calling about?

Dick: You're the only honorary member I could find. The others are gone.

Wally: Yeah, I heard about that.

Dick: Who do you think caused this?

Wally: I don't know who did it directly, but I blame this on no one but myself.

Dick: What? You weren't even in any of the missle sites.

Wally: Exactly. I could have helped, Dick. This is all my fault.

(The scene shifts to Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne in the Batcave)

Bruce: So those are the only members you could reach?

Dick: Pretty much. All uncontacted members have to be presumed dead. At least the league is unharmed.

Bruce: Actually...

(Dick looks at Bruce)

Bruce: Hal Jordan and Martian ManHunter are nowhere to be found, also presumed dead.

Dick: This is big...

Bruce: What are you gonna do now? Work solo?

Dick: Actually, I was hoping we could...

Bruce: Get the Dynamic Duo back? I'd love that.

(A scene with background music background music is shown. Kid Flash is shown running, while Batman & Robin were at the top of a tower. Garfield Logan was seen in a balcony. Aqualad was swimming underwater, battling a villain. Speedy was shown investigating a place.)  

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