Phillip is a mobster and owner of the Murder Clubs in Gotham City. He is as much of a monster as the Joker and can be in some ways considered the new Joker of the Batman X series. He first appears in the Episode Psycho with a Gang on a Train he and his crew attempted to rob the train but they were stopped by Batman X. He and the majority of his crew escaped however and he avoided prosecution due to frightened witnesses and false allibies.


Phillip is a sadist. He enjoys inflicting pain on others, finding the blood stimulating and refreshing to spill. His main entertainment in life is to kill. He's very intelligent, but extremely childish sometimes. Sadistic aside, Phillip is also seen as arrogant and rather cocky, brimming with confidence. He's exceptionally skilled in hand-to-hand combat, especially boxing, and is also good with firearms. When in a fight, his punches are continuous and energetic, reflecting his childish and hyperactive nature. They do, however, really hurt, and he can do some serious damage with his fists. While he acts like a child at times, his body certainly has the strength of a fully grown man and more. Overall, though, Phillipe is just a sadistic child at heart, even going so far as to dance in a puddle of blood of a fallen comrade for his own enjoyment.

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