Team statistics
Team Name Patriots
Aliases The Mutant Liberation
Leader Redback
Members New Patriots:
*Redback (Current Leader)
Old Patriots:
*Navy (Old leader, deceased)
*Olive (deceased)
*Crimson (Redback, still active)
Status Active
Alignment Good
Headquarters Mobile
Allies Justice League
Enemies League of Mutants
The Privateers
Pacific League of Mutants
First Appearance

The Patriots are a team of super-powered individuals tasked with the destruction of the League of Mutants and its counterparts, along with the protection of metahumans and humans alike which may be threatened by the League of Mutants. Its active leader is Redback, a mutant individual whom has had ties to both the old Patriot team and the League of Mutants. Current Members are Redback and BETA-04, and auditions are opened for potential operatives.


The Patriots were originally founded by the Justice League as a factor to combat the threat of the League of Mutants, a fascist group led by Mister Blackheart; and to protect those which the League or its counterparts may target. Original members were three mutants which were abducted, albeit escaped the League of Mutants; and therefore had more experience with the group. Navy, (who was the team leader at the time) led her teammates Olive, and Crimson (now known as Redback).

Successfully disabling a few League facilities, the team was then faced with their nemesis: Mister Blackheart during one of their few operations. Failing to catch the attention of Mister Blackheart, Crimson was left alive whilst his teammates were killed by the League’s Authoritarian. Allowing Jason to live, the young mutant fled the scene; not to be located until years later during a massive heist in Metropolis.

Convinced to lead a new Patriot’s team, Jason hesitantly accepted—despite the fear of failure; blaming the deaths of his other teammates on himself. Given the time to search worldwide for possible subject, Jason took the title: Redback, looking worldwide until he came across BETA-04, a washout of the new ARMOR-II Program. Despite the initial dislike, Redback and BETA-04 found a mutual enemy: the League of Mutants, which threatened both their well-being.


Old Patriots Team

  • Navy (Team Leader, deceased)
  • Olive (deceased)
  • Crimson (Redback, still active)

New Patriots Team

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