Outsider is a mysterious homeless man whom the Teen Titans and some of their enemies have encountered.


Outsider has never revealed anything about his life except claiming that society had rejected him. He also claims to have forgotten his real name and now calls himself Outsider. He also seems to have a deep connection with Slade. Beast Boy was the first person to encounter Outsider shortly after Terra's death. He advised Beast Boy that no one ever truely dies so long as someone has loved them. Comforted by this, Beast Boy was about to invite Outsider back to the tower, but he vanished. The next time the Outsider was seen was after Trigon had been defeated. Raven feared that his influence was still strong over her and she would one day turn against her friends. Outsider insisted that because she had learned from the mistakes of her father, she would never have to make them herself. As Raven was about to say thank you, Outsider vanished once again. Jinx was the next person to encounter Outsider. She had felt guilty for leaving behind her friends to join the Titans. Outsider told her that true friends would want her to do what was best for her, not what was best for them. Kid Flash soon arrived and asked Jinx who she was talking too, as Outsider had vanished again. Outsider made one last appearance encountering Slade, whom was in hiding since the Brotherhood of Evil failed to recruit him. Outsider asked Slade to leave behind his life as a villain as all it did was hurt the people he had loved, such as his daughter Rose. A tear fell from Slade's eye, and he then proceeds to attempt to shoot Outsider. The Outsider managed to disappear once again. He is never seen again.


Whether he possesses superpowers is unknown, though he is very wise and insightful. The fact that he disappears so mysteriously after advising someone hints at the idea that he is somewhat supernatural.


Hmm. I do not know. I have forgotten it. A name is meant to symbolize one's identity. So call me Outsider.(To Beast Boy)

When two people love one another, a piece of each of their souls goes to the other. That way they are always together.(To Beast Boy)

The fact that you understand the mistakes of your father shows that you will never repeat them.(To Raven)

True friends want only for the other to be happy, even if it hurts them. Friendship is a kind of love.(To Jinx)

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