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Bast:The somewhat loner of the team, her real name is Katherine Grethens, her mom is a high tech scientest who is working on an expierment that will help humans communicate with cats. Katherine got caught in one explosion and was given cat abilities. Her suit is all back with a red claw mark on it.

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Dusk Dragon: Trained to be a ninja Chen (Dusk Dragon's name) showed great progress, and was given the swords of fire. He was ordered to assassinate Izakon/Isac. His suit all black with a katana mask

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Lightning Bug: an alien with cool powers came to earth following a rocketship. Why she didn't just fly home? No one knows. Her suit is red with a lightning logo.

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The Wind: (Also a ninja) Mastering the power of invisibility, he was ordered to protect Izakon from Chen. his suit is that of a white ninja


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