"Hurry Gin!" screamed Dal. "We have to get to Jor's house if Sen has any chance to live."

"Are you sure your cousin will help him?" asked Gin

"No but at least it's a chance."

They arrived at  Jor-El's house out of breath but determined to keep Sen alive. He had just been born ten hours ago but it seemed like years. They ran into the lab and saw Jor and his wife crushed by a piece of rubble. 

"NOO! Jor can't be dead how will Kal and Sen survive." said Dal.

"Just look for a shuttle, Kal is probably in it and we can probably fit Sen in."

They looked around the lab and found a shuttle just big enough to put Sen in with Kal.

"I'm sorry son, I have nothing to give you to remember us by but whatever happens I pray that luck will be with you."

Dal hugged his wife as the shuttle blasted off only seconds later to enter oblivion.

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