Vital statistics
Real Name Unknown.
Aliases Orcher, Boxcars
Gender Male
Species Human
Status alive
Alignment Neutral
Likes Candy, warm baths, watching movies, Nintendo games
Dislikes Naps, being the 'bait'
Place of Origin Essex, NY
Residence Kings, Ny
Relatives Unknown
Allies Project "Children's Play"
Enemies None specifically
Affiliations Project "Children's Play"
Powers & Abilities
Powers None
Weaknesses Not getting what he wants
Equipment Chloroform
First Appearance X

"Hey, uh, gee Mister, you wanna buy some chocolate? Made it myself with my Granny!"
— Orcher

The 8 year old distraction. He is very hot headed and has a terrible temper. Being the smallest of the group, he often finds himself being the bait, such as distracting people. He also finds himself shimmying in and out of ventalation shafts, planting recording devices and occasionally bombs. He is currently a member of Project "Child's Play".


Orcher has very fair skin and blue eyes. He has orange hair and a few freckles. He wears a black vest with an orange long-sleeved t-shirt underneath. He wears black shorts and brown sneakers with velcro straps. He is rather short for his age.


Orcher is very childish and throws tantrums a lot. He enjoys television and playing video games. He has very healthy eating habits and regularly works out by jogging. He dislikes anybody who doesn't care for their body. Despite this, he refuses to ever sleep. He'd much rather stay up and play video games. He whines a lot and is rather annoying.


Orcher grew up in Essex, NY with his older sister for most of his life. His sister cared for him like a mother, and he was very close to her. When he started school, he was teased relentlessly for being too out-going. He often kept it a secret to his sister. She eventually found out, and when she did, she murdered one of the children that bullied him. She was sent to prison, and Orcher was put into an adoption home at age 7. He was adopted immediatly by two 17 year old siblings, who then forced him to join PCP as a member of Sub New York. About a year later, on Orcher's bithday, he was sworn in as the newest Sub Alpha member.

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