opposite day part

it starts when the titans are just hanging out in their main room. cyborg says " wheres beast boy?" The titans murmur to themselves about him. they hear beast boy yell and the yell turns into a girlish scream. The titans jump. robin says "TITANS GO!" they run to beast boy's room. they find a green girl with a dress that looks like beast boy's suit. the mysterious girl says "Guys your here!! good goodness!" she runs and hugs robin. Robin takes his mask off and rubs his eyes. robin puts it back on. "who are you?" the whole team, minus beast boy says. the girl says Beast boy!!!!! im beast boy!!!!!!!! i guess your beast GIRL now! Cyborg says. Cyborg laughs so hard he blows a fuse. all the titans laugh. the reunion stops....... a guy with green hair and a purple tuxedo is on a smiley board. JOKER! robin says. JOKER?!?!?!? the other titans say. " yea the nemesis of my former mentor batman." OHHHHH that joker they say. the joker blasts them and everybody is a girl or boy. starfire is goldfire. raven is blue bird (lol). robin is birdgirl. cyborg is android. and beast boy is beast girl. they all get angry and follow him to his base. the screen fades to black and says TO BE CONTINUED.

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