Ophelia Summers is the technical assitant of The Zodiac

Vital statistics
Real Name Ophelia Summers
Aliases Ophiuchius
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Zodiac
Likes Her Wheelchair, Taurus
Dislikes Being bossed around, not getting her word in
Place of Origin Washington Dc
Residence Zodiac HQ
Relatives Mother (Member of Government Program)
Allies Zodiac
Enemies Dopplegangers
Affiliations Zodiac, USA
Powers & Abilities
Powers None
Weaknesses Human
Equipment Wheelchair, The Zodiac Main Computer
First Appearance N/A


Ophelia was born to Gerald Summers and Gina Bank. She was born in October along with her twin brother Franklin. However she was born without functioning legs. She and her brother Franklin were put into an orphanage to protect Gerald from a scandal. When he left running for the running for the presidency, Gina was able to get custody of Ophelia, however Franklin was being suspected of being a Summers. Summers are born with a sixth sense and perfect genetics. Ophelia's defect protected her from suspicion. She went with her mother to Washington D.C. and learned quickly about technology. When a team was being put together Ophelia begged her mother to let her join. She needed friends. At first it was only Leo and Aquarius. She gave the two tech support on all their missions. But quickly the team grew into a large group of powerful metas.

Powers and abilities

Ophelia has no powers. She was not born with the Summers gene like her brother. She is however a powerful tech expert. Able to hack any computer in the world within a matter of moments. She has strong arms which she has used before to crawl through air shafts. This also works with her high level of martial arts. She can grip onto objects and use any momentum to hit opponets.


Ophelia is very sure of herself. You will never see her cry or doubt herself for a moment. She isn't much of a people person but has been known to comfort those when they are in need.


Aries- He seems weak. But his powers make him a strong asset.

Taurus- The two have an on and off relationship. She is highly protective and jealous about him.

Gem and Mini- She knows they feel uncomftorable around her and that makes her wary of them.

Cancer- Talks to her most out of all the girls. Possibly her closest friend.

Leo- A close friend. The two had a few flirtacious moments at the start of the team but have since become good friends.

Virgo- Initially disliked her due to her crush on Leo. Since then the two talk a little, only when Cancer is around.

Aquarius- A trusted ally. The two have known each other for awhile.

Libra- Quiet. Sometimes eyes her....creepy

Scorpio- Admires her consistancy. Secretly trying to matchmake her up with Libra.

Sagittarius- She likes to watch him train with his music playing the background.

Capricorn- Jokes with him sometimes. His training regime is her second favorite.

Pisces- Sometimes hangs out with them. Views them as kids.

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