== Prologue== "Bio signs are normal."

"This one had better not be a failure."

"I assure you experiment 77 is what you are looking for Mr. Slade."

The first words I have ever heard. I am Experiment 77 and my mission is to destroy the Teen TItans.

Chapter 1

I loomed over the shattered pieces of the robots my master had sent to train me with. I heard clapping.

"Very good," my master said cooly. "I think you are ready."

"The Titans?" I asked.

"Yes the Titans."

"I shall leave immediately."

"You cannot defeat them head on, first you must gain their trust."

"How will I do that?"

"Join them, mingle with them, befriend them, and when they are weak, strike."

"Yes master," and with that I was off.

I removed my apprentices uniform and donned black pants, black shirt, black boots, and a black coat then I set for the city. I had arrived at my destination and began looking for the Titans. It wasn't long before I had come across a man with a spider's head.

"Give me your valuables," said the freak.

"I have nothing to give you other than death," I said and I hurled him upward with telekinetic powers.

"You'll pay for that," he said angrily.

Chapter 2

To be written

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