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Vital statistics
Real Name Okanika-Shikira "Nicki" Armstrong
Aliases Nick

Omni Omi (by Beast Boy) Nita (by Robin) Ni Ni (by Cyborg) She-Devil (by Starfire) Daddy's Girl Ravin's Sister Ravin (when shes mistaken as Raven) Freak (by Control Freak)

Gender female
Species Two Fourth Demon

One Fourth Human One Fourth Trigian

Status alive
Alignment Hero

Theif (former)

Likes Robin

Winning Stealing The Dark Food Flying Gymnastics Music Computers Sleep Her Room

Dislikes Hair getting messed up

Losing Boys Flirting Starfire Beast Boy's jokes People In Her Room Being Woken Up The Light Candy

Place of Origin Triginia
Residence Jump City
Relatives Annita(mother)

Trigon(father) Raven (sister)

Allies Teen Titans
Enemies Slade

Control Freak Gizmo Master Of Games

Affiliations Teen Titans
Powers & Abilities
Powers Astral projection

Demon transformation Levitation Telekinesis Teleportation Above-average physical condition Experienced hand-to-hand combatant Multilingualism Empathy Empathic healing Stoping Time Master detective Above-average physical condition Master hand-to-hand combatant Master acrobat Master martial artist Intimidation Master of stealth and disguise Peak human strength/endurance Tracking Escapologist Master tactician and strategist Skilled mechanic and vehicle driver Expert thief Skilled leader

Weaknesses The Light

Her Father

Equipment None
First Appearance
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Omnita is part of the Teen

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