Vital statistics
Real Name Unknown
Aliases Olive, Spades
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral
Likes Mechanics, oil, puns, gum
Dislikes Being alone, chocolate
Place of Origin Brooklyn, NY.
Residence Kings, NY.
Relatives Unknown
Allies PCP
Enemies None specifically
Affiliations Project "Child's Play"
Powers & Abilities
Powers None
Weaknesses Asthma
Equipment Wrenches
First Appearance X

A 14 year old tech genius. His mentor before PCP was a mechanic, and thus, Olive learned how to fix things in a jiffy. He often creates new mechanisms for the team.


Olive is 5'6" and has dark olive skin with green eyes and black, shaggy hair. He wears an olive green, hooded jumpsuit on top of a black v-neck with brown gloves and brown sneakers. He always carries a set of wrenches with him.


Olive loves puns and crappy humor. He often tells corny jokes and tells lots of cheesy pick-up lines. He teases is teammates and often tries getting a rise out of them. He loves being with people and hates being alone more than anything in the world. The only time he likes being alone is in his shop when he works. Even then, he will often talk to himself.


Olive never liked his parents much. They were rich and stuffy, often forcing him to wear a suit and go to dinner parties. On his way home from school one day when he was 8, he passed a mechanics shop and stopped and watched for a while. He decided it was something he liked, and visited the shop everyday for two years for many hours, often working into the night with his mentor and head mechanic. When he was 10, he was making his way to the shop later at night, he was chloroformed and taken away by a black van. He was made a member of Sub Brooklyn, and after a few months, he was made a member of Sub Alpha.

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