The Teen Titans were simply enjoying summer on the beach(except for Raven) when suddenly a strange man appeared

"Who are you!?" said robin

"Why do I have to tell you?"said the man

"If you won't identify yourself we will bring you down!"robin said angrily

"then go ahead and try it"yelled the man

(they all fight mysterious man)

"hm I've defeated all four of you, hah ha ha"laughed the man as Raven is behind him.

"whoa!!" exclaimed the man.

(he is defeated by her)

"Fine my name is Zexion, you happy now?"

"why did you attack my friends with such ease but be trampled by me?!" exclaimed Raven

"love makes you do strange things" he says.

"uh" raven stutters as she blushes.

(THE END.............or is it check for an article called 5 titans 4 villains 3 (near)deaths 2 swords 1 Psychic

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