"" I must go ! " Nightingale talking to Ghost Boy before she joins the Teen Titans"

Vital statistics
Real Name Nina Anya Vablonsky
Aliases Nightingale of the West
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Hero
Likes protecting her family and friends, vodka, seeing her old team mates, watching horror movies, chocolate, hamburgers, reading, singing, listening to music, relaxing, spending time with family and friends, winning for her team, winter, snowing, proving herself that she can do better, ice
Dislikes Fear of drowning, falling, seeing anyone hurt, being hurt, losing a fight, spiders
Place of Origin Booyah Beach, Florida
Residence Titans West Base (Jump city)
Relatives Viktor Vablonsky (Father deceased)

Anya Vablonsky (Mother deceased) Reginald Jackson (Adoptive Father deceased) Anna Jackson (Adoptive Mother) Nighthawk (Daughter)

Allies Robin (Boyfriend), Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, Kid Flash, Shooting Star, Misty, Frostbite, Ghost Boy, Sabretooth, The Shapeshifter, Fire Wonder, Phantom Girl, Aqualad,
Enemies Slade and Dr Ivan Overov
Affiliations N/A
Powers & Abilities
Powers High singing powers that can smash windows and burst ear drums

Experienced knife to knife combat Experienced hand to hand combat

Equipment Dagger
First Appearance Teen Titans: Rise of Furious 5
Nightingale is a female superhero, who is a member of the Teen Titans and one of the founding members of Furious Five. In the last chapter of Rise of the Furious 5, Nightingale left Furious 5 and joined Teen Titans in order to be with Robin, who then becomes her boyfriend.

Physical Appearance

Nightingale has auburn hair with dark indigo blue eyes and quite tan skin. Most of the fan fiction, she wears a jet black tank top with heat proof gloves with titanium plates for hand to hand contact with her enemies. She wears blue jeans with high top steel boots and a silver belt to support it. Nightingale has a medium built body. Normally she has her hair up in a high pony tail straighten out. The most notable change in The Vengeance was when she became Slades apprentice, she wore a apprentice uniform with a large ' S ' on her back and ripped jeans. She's approximately 5'4 same height as Robin and Raven. Nightingale briefly wears a blue dress on occasions such as dates.


When she first meets new people, she intends not to speak to them meaning her first impressions with newcomers are not good ideally however when she gets to used them, she becomes friendly and vibrant with the person. She's ain't good making friends and only trusts the people like her friends and family intently.

The only soft spot Nightingale has with anyone in the team is Robin because she can tell him anything and is the one that saved her from the pain that Slade and Dr Overov have caused throughout the series. Nightingale and Dr Overov hated each overs' guts due to the past which he betrayed her father, ordered her mother's death and brainwashed the Furious 5.

Nightingale wanted to defeat Dr Overov even if she kill him she wouldn't think twice of doing so. Before, she met the Teen Titans, she would do anything for anyone especially for the Furious 5 until the special mission in Russia to find Dr Overov.

Out of the Teen Titans members, Nightingale easily gets into a emotional turmoil if anything seriously happens such as when her father was killed by Slade and when Robin nearly dies during a fight between Slade.

Nightingale hates any disputes or arguments that happen and will immediately stop them at instance with any immediate cause. She has shown a caring nature when anyone in the team has any problems or people she can trust entirely.

Character History

Nightingale was born as ' Nina Anya Vablonsky ' on 3rd March in the tiny village of Severnaya Zemlya, Russia to the orginal Nightingale, Viktor Vablonsky and an American nurse named Anya Tate. After Nina was born, Dr Overov paired up with Slade and invented ideas of creating a super soldier so they could stop the revoultion and take over the town. Dr Overov wanted to make Nina the main object of the expriement so they asked Viktor if they could use Nina. Viktor wouldn't allowed it as it was his own daughter they were using and this made Dr Overov angry. Dr Overov sent two henchmen to kill Nina and Anya seperatly to change Viktor as the revoltulition broke out.

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