A mysterious warrior that guards the galaxy against injustice.


All that is known

Nexis appears where injustice and bounty lies. He has come up against many of the Universe's greatest foes and heroes alike. No one is sure of his motives. This includes the Guardians who are wary of his presence. One thing is for sure he is hiding a dark secret about his past.


Nexis has a variety of attacks. His cannon arm can shoot almost any substance or energy. He can also create constructs with his cannon arm. His suit has great flexibility and strength. So much that he is able to fly in outer space without getting crushed. In strength he is able to go toe to toe with Kryptonians. His suit can absorb energy from heat based attacks and change it into power.


Nexis has trained in martial arts on multiple planets. His body is able to withstand the pressures of outer space. He is strong enough to bear the full weight of his suit but his strength level out of his suit is no more then a weightlifter. He also can run 25 MPH.


Out of his suit he is vulnerable to objects flying at high velocity able to penetrate his skin. He is weak to heat based attacks. He is especially weak to attacks from energy guns. His suit is charged by Plasma energy. If it is depleted then his suit will have no power thus he loses his cannon arm, strength, flight, and near invincibility. Ice attacks can crack his suit if not prepared.

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