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Vital statistics
Real Name Jayce Hyde
Aliases Neon,Black Manta Jr,Jaythum'Ahm
Gender Male
Species Atlantean
Status Alive
Alignment Vigilante
Likes Xbox,Food,Arrowette,being kaldur's little brother
Dislikes People comparing him to kaldur
Place of Origin New Mexico
Residence Titans Australia Tower
Relatives Kaldur'Ahm Aqualad(Brother)Black Manta(Father)Unknown Foster Parents
Allies Teen Titans Australia,Young Justice,


Enemies Star Tech Industries,Project Cadmus,Black Manta
Affiliations Teen Titans North, Teen Titans Australia, Atlantean Guard
Powers & Abilities
Powers Hydrokenisis, ElectroKentic Tattoos.Hard Water Construction
Weaknesses Over Heating
Equipment Katanas
First Appearance Titans Australia

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