Vital statistics
Real Name Linus Daily
Aliases Necro, Body swaper
Gender male (originally)
Species Human (originally)
Status Alive (Sometimes)
Alignment himself
Likes freedom
Dislikes cages, being alone
Place of Origin Utah
Residence On the move
Relatives Two parents (alive)
Allies Project
Enemies Everyone else
Affiliations Project
Powers & Abilities
Powers Body swapping
Weaknesses Mortal
Equipment none
First Appearance N/A
 Linus Daily (AKA Necro) has the ability to body swap.


Necro gained the ability to exchange bodies with anyone he's touched. After the death of two highly trained agents; Linus came in contact with their bodies. Now he uses them to stop criminals. He is a future member of Project.


Linus has a dry sense of humor. He is disturbed by nothing and rarely shows emotion. This is due to the amount of time he has spent in a dead body. The more he uses his ability the less emotion he shows.


Mark and Regina Grotto. Killed by gas when sent on a false hunt by corrupt Government Leader. Dying words were to stop him from...well Linus doesn't know what this guys plan is. What he does know is how to transfer his spirit into the corpses. He keeps the two bodies he's not using in cryogenic freezing. Mark was a two blade expert and Regina a lazer blade and Gun user.

Others he can swap with

Its called swapping for a reason. If a spirit exists in the body he tries to gain control of then they gain control of his body.

Parents- While he was younger he would take control of one of their bodies just long enough to get what he wanted and short enough they didn't notice it.

None- In order to protect the world in case he ever goes insane; he pretends to be a germaphobe.


Both Mark and Regina's appearances are based on Kirito from "Sword Art Online"

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