"I'm sorry for whatever I've done to you. Just please let me go"- Naka

Naka the Swift
Naka The Swift
Vital statistics
Real Name Naka
Aliases Sunny, Sparkle, Hopeless
Gender Female
Species Human/ Elemental
Status alive
Alignment Good
Likes apples, the Sun, chicks, flowers
Dislikes Natint the Killing, smoke, violence
Place of Origin Acrucin
Residence Acrucin
Relatives Unknown
Allies Teen Titans
Enemies Natint the Killing
Affiliations Titans Intergalactic
Powers & Abilities
Powers Total control over fire and ice
Weaknesses Weak lungs
Equipment Fire and ice whips
First Appearance Titans Intergalactic (series)


Naka is 5 feet tall. She has silky white hair that is always tied up. She wears a yellow leaf shirt with a yellow skirt. She also wears chick slippers. She has blue eyes and has a white bear sitting on top of her head.


When Naka was born, her parents named her Naka which means Fearless. They chose fearless because of her being blind from birth. They knew she wouldn't be afraid. She gained the title Swift after winning ten 1st place racing trophies. She gained her magic at age 10. She chose fire and ice. Her life was happy until her 11th birthday. She was being hunted by Natint. She fled to earth in hopes that she would get away from Natint. Natint followed her to Earth. She lives a life of fear, not living up to her name "Fearless". She met the Titans Intergalactic while running from Natint. They helped her fight Natint. They promised to keep her safe and to help her to fight.

Titans Intergalactic: Naka's Beginnings


Naka is always happy. She is always helping people in need of aid. She loves to make new friends and play games with her friends. She enjoys sewing almost as much as she loves cooking. She is also very naive and gullible.

Powers and Weapons

Control over Fire and Ice

Naka can make fire or ice from thin air. She can use this ability to carry herself around.

Fire Whip

Naka's fire whip is 10,000 degrees Celsius. She can burn through even the toughest things with this.

Ice Whip

Naka's ice whip is -10,000 degrees Celsius. This whip can freeze anything.

Ice Mode

Naka focuses on ice. Her control over ice is strengthened greatly. She can now breathe underwater.

  • Naka at age 13
  • Naka in her Ice mode
  • Fire Mode
  • Naka at age 8

Fire Mode

Naka focuses on fire. She can turn the Earth around using the core. She is immune to heat.

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