Teen Titans: The Legend Goes On
Season 1, Episode 1
Written by TeenTitansBeyond
Moving On takes place where the supposed final episode of Teen Titans left off. Beast Boy recieves a call from Robin, who insists he come help, Beast Boy finally decides to let Terra remain where she is. He fails to get to the team in time to defeat the white creature, and Robin freaks out. Robin and Beast Boy get into a small fight, and Beast Boy storms off to his room. While he is sitting there he notices he can't get Terra out of his head, and almost comes close to tears. Beast Boy walks over to Terra's room, and is confronted with Slade. Raven feeling slightly sad for Beast Boy decides to talk to him. When She approaches Terra's room, she is warned about Slade. But he wasn't nothing but a figment of Beast Boy's imagination. Raven rools her eyes and questions Beast Boy on his feelings for Terra, calling her a "traitor". This nearly sends Beast Boy into anger, and Raven apoligizes. She sits him down and begins to talk to him about someone she once loved, who was also taken away (Her Mother, Arella). Soon after, the team once again faces off against the white creature at the pier and losses once more. After their second defeat, they decide to return to the tower to find out more about this creature. Terra (along with her two friends Dionna and Amber) see the T-car drive off into the sunset, and Terra recalls her times with the Titans. She promises herself that if and when the Titans need her, she'll be there.

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