"You think Fir3-120 is a weird name?"
— Moonfire to the Titans

Vital statistics
Real Name Fir3-120
Aliases Starfire's Sister, Clone 120
Gender Female
Species Hybrid (Tamaranean/Human)
Status Unknown
Alignment Good
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Dislikes {{{dislikes}}}
Place of Origin Stolichnav, Savernya
Residence T-Tower (former)
Relatives Starfire
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Enemies {{{enemies}}}
Affiliations S.A.I.C

Teen Titans

Powers & Abilities
Powers Limited Tamaranean abilities

S.A.I.C Training

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Equipment S.A.I.C Transmitter
First Appearance TBA

Moonfire or Fir3-120, is a bio-weapon created by the Savernyan government. Created to work as a super heroine under the control of the state, Moonfire is the epicenter of the controversy among the Savernyan officials over the “Super Hero Creation Act.”



The “Super Hero Creation Act”, in which the Savernyan government gave the S.A.I.C and other agencies the authority and resources to develop super beings under the command of the state, allowed scientists working for those agencies to bio-engineer humans into Metahumans. One of those scientists developed an obsession over the Titan Starfire. He began to work to develop a being that would resemble Starfire as much as possible. Although he managed to obtain plenty of DNA samples from the Titan by hiring villains to fight the Titans and collect her DNA, the Tamaranean genes seemed impossible to replicate in laboratory conditions. Knowing that as part of the Act he was allowed to use deceased soldiers’ DNA samples, he searched carefully until he found the “most beautiful human genes, to couple with the most beautiful genes in the galaxy.” He found 250 samples of Human DNA, which he saw fit. The DNA couplings (the mixture of the DNA of Starfire with the human DNA), were unified in different proportions, he discovered that the only match that would develop into a proper humanoid was the sample number 120.

After years of try and error, he created the first Tamaranean-human hybrid. He named her Fir3-120, he thought of her as just one step toward a fully Tamaranean clone.

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