Monster Cards is a Trading Card Game in the Teen Titan Universe


Not long ago a homeless man stumbled upon a portal to an alternate reality. In this reality were Monsters of all shapes and sizes. Returning to the human realm he was called a loon except by one philantropist. The Billionaire payed the homeless man thousands to give him the location of the portal. After years of work and study the Billionaire decided that these monsters were too powerfull to be left unattended. So he began trapping them in card like prisons. Corrupted by greed he began to sell these cards to the highest bidders. Over time replicas were created and a card game wa introduced. However some of the cards that were bought, used, and traded were actually the cells of monsters. The homeless man found out about the Billionaires doings when he saw two children playing the card game. He stormed into the Billionaires mansion, angry that he would trap living creatures. The homeless man began studying on the cards and ancient magics. He created a charm to release these monsters from the hold of the cards. However the damage the monsters brought to the world was large and vast. He didn't give up though. He began to distribute these relics to those with strong connections to the cards. He gave them a mission, to make sure that every monster was happy in its current state and that they were not used wrongly. 

Marcus' cards

Marcus had collected thousands of cards over his years of learning how to play Monster Cards. Many of his cards turned out to contain spirits. These Spirits Fight Along side him against chaos. He currently is a member of the Rags


All cards are taken from Yu-Gi-Oh

The Justice Leauge helped fight against these monsters, however the destruction was done to Japan so most people have forgotten. 

I accept ideas on what monsters should and should not be on Marcus' team

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