" Unless the villain is immortal, never give up, just kick them in the shins."
— Miss Atomic Bomb

File:Blue hair by gretlusky-d7aodh6 (1).png
Miss Atomic Bomb

Real Name:

Coral Alfinch-Johns.


Miss Atomic Bomb, Miz.




Altered Human.




Knight (Mix of good and bad).


Green Day, The Killers, Listening to music, Dancing in the rain, Lime and honey, Christmas, Cat-calling men.


Her Lonliess, Jump City, Her Father, The Government , Boys always obsessing about cars.

Place of Origin:

Arlington County, Virginia.


Alleyways and Abandoned buildings of Gotham City.

Miss Atomic Bomb is currently a ally of the Teen Titans.

Art by GretelLusky

Powers and Abilities


Psychokinesis, Enhanced Strength and Skin, Ability to breathe underwater, Hardened cells, Enhanced healing, Enhanced intellect, Changing matter.


Loss of blood flow resulting in 'spasms', Powers turn off at unexpected times, Headstrong, Loud-mouth, Can loose humanity when Powers are on, Can be attacked when talking, Can only telepathically pick up small items.


Brass Knuckles, Pipes, Baseball bat, Throwing knife.

Character History

Early Life

Miss Atomic Bomb was born with the name Coral Alfinch, the daughter of the famed Tom Alfinch, who was a highly respected worker in the Pentagon. Alicia however, was a small bakery owner and wanted a divorce with Tom. Tom however disagreed and remained posessive over his wife. Coral feared for her Mother's safety when at her fifth birthday Tom assaulted Alicia during an argument.

Alicia then attempted to charge Tom with assault, but shortly after she filed the charges the house was lit on fire where the papers and Alicia were. Alicia made it out alive, but then was pronounced dead in the hospital from too much smoke inhalation.

Coral was distraught and was ten when it happened. Her father grew deluded and isolated himself from everyone, only saying vague clues about a what he was being told to do at work and what he was working on. Coral still went to school, maintaining her and her father's allowance and taught herself how to cook and work around the house. Eventually her neighbor noticed that Coral was very lonely and very talkative she decided to talk her into auditioning to become a podcast hostess.

Intrigued, Coral joined the podcast and became one of the most-loved hostesses.While talking to her friend named Courtney, she slipped up and spoke about a project happening in the Pentagon On-Air. She started one of the largest controversies at age fifteen.

The F.B.I eventually targeted her and brought her in for questioning and she was deemed 'unsuitable' for the outside world. To keep her from saying anything about them, they wiped her memory only leaving knowledge from her school but with no information of her personal life and threw her in a cell in Arkham Asylum.The guards jokingly called her 'Miss Atomic Bomb' after the song by The Killers. Coral later renamed herself this.



Tom Alfinch (Father), Alicia Johns (Mother).


Teen Titans.


Villains in general.



Months later the Pentagon agreed to use Coral as some sort of lab rat and injected X-Venom into her body after finding nothing to experiment on. After she was injected she became restless and her mind was filled with escape plans. She then escaped in the middle of the night and hijacked a car to ride to Gotham City, then later Jump City. Coral used a blade and bought blue hair dye and then cut her hair and dyed it blue so people couldn't recognize her.

In a chance meeting with the Titans she became a member after confessing she never wanted to hurt anyone. She is currently a faraway member now.

Physical Appearance

Miss Atomic Bomb is described by several people as 'broken, but uses humor as an escape'. Her regular outfit is sometimes an orange jumpsuit over a black\gray thin strap tank top. Over her stomach area is a yellow and black Batman logo which made Robin uncomfortable the first time they met. She has small black wraparound belt with a small throwing knife attached to it. At the edge of the blade there is dried blood from times she 'missed'.

Her pants are worn out knee-high denim jeans that are folded up. When she's wearing them they are usually depicted as torn and lop-sided from the times she tried to mend it. Mostly she wears ankle-high black leather boots with neon green soles. Around her right arm is an uncolored tattoo depicting ivy wrapping around her arm and a portion of her hand with two humming birds on top.

Powers and Abilities

Miss Atomic Bomb mainly relies on her powers and sometimes just brute force, making her an enemy that is not to be messed with. However, when Miss Atomic Bomb first received her powers they were uncontrollable and would sometimes take over her body. To try to stop her powers strength, she herself trained to overcome them and practiced using them.

Psychokinesis: Miss Atomic Bomb can pick up things mentally by manipulating the atoms in moving freely; then completely packing them together.

  • Changing Matter: Another thing she can do while doing this is completely changing the atom's structure into a new element or evaporating or boiling it entirely.

Enhanced Strength and Skin: When she was injected her skin began to layer itself, then making extremely tough and making invulnerable to most blades and weapons. With that her brain became confused, then made her entire body believe that the skin was muscles and giving her increased strength.

Ability to Breath Underwater: Gills formed at the sides of her chest, yet they are only opened when they come in contact in water giving her a hard time when she falls in water fully-clothed.

Hardened Cells: Her cells are tough and durable yet are extremely vulnerable when her powers are off, making her shown as sick with the flu or a cold most of the time.

Enhanced Healing: Unlike regular human beings Miss Atomic Bomb's skin is an incredibly fast team of skin cells that repair small cuts and bruises quickly. Her healing abilities cannot repair large and life-threatening damage such as large gashes or bullet wounds.

Enhanced Intellect: She has a knowledge in earthly subjects ranging from math to Yellowstone National Park's wildlife. Unearthly subjects such as aliens she knows nothing about.


Strategist: Even before being injected with the serum she was a great strategist and later said, 'I used to create plans to win against the opposing team in dodge-ball'. Miz is great with creating plans but sometimes they are too complicated or get herself in unnecessary fights or trouble.

Above-Average Physical Condition: After being jumped and being unsuccessful at fighting them, she made her way to the Teen Titans tower and asked to be trained. Robin and the rest hesitantly agreed and accepted her request. After spending three months at the Tower she successfully won in hand-to-hand combatant Beast Boy and decided she had proved herself worthy. She is shown afterwards as being a strong 'brute'.


Miss Atomic Bomb's weakness is mainly based on her powers. The reason for this is her not knowing the essence or details of her powers, or what the X-Venom can actually do. Because of this she has been known to freak out and have 'Spasms' due to the fact that the X-Venom can block certain regions of her body and causes her to malfunction. Another weakness is that she lacks the mental strength to pick up large items such as trucks or tables and Miz can only pick up things like pencils or even her Throwing Knife. Her powers are also known to turn off at random times such as fighting criminals and such.

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