Miss. Horror
Vital statistics
Real Name Victoria Hermas
Aliases Tori

Horror Miss. Horror Victoria

Gender Female
Species Human
Status Reborn
Alignment Great
Likes Horror movies, Her friends, Her family, Goth
Dislikes Seeing anything from her past
Place of Origin Springfield, Massachussetts
Residence Massachussetts
Relatives None (All dead)
Allies Titans Europe

Teen Titans

Enemies Brewler
Affiliations Titans Europe
Powers & Abilities
Powers Can turn someone 40 years older, and can unleash people's worst nightmares, can fly
Weaknesses The Remeere spell
Equipment Has a broomstick, potions, and a long skull staff.
First Appearance Titans Europe
Miss. Horror is one of the founding members of Titans Europe.

A thousand years ago, she was one of four who had learned to control the spirits and dark magic. A few days after the 3 sisters had learned the ULTIMATE spell to make the world their own. In order to perform the spell, they also needed Tori. When it was almost complete, Tori tackled her 2nd sister on the ground so the proccess would stop. A black wind wooshed around their cabin house, and the 4 sisters were never seen again.

Years later, she rose from the dead. With complete knowledge of spirits and dark magic, she would use that to protect the world against harm unlike what her sisters would've done if she didn't stop the spell.

Days later, she became an honorary member of the Titans Europe.


She's very serious, and does not like cheerful things. Although she may seem a goth inside and out, she does have a heart.

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