'Real Name June Wykkyd

"We May be twins but were nothing alike!" 

Midnight Wykkyd to Angla Wykkyd.

"Mother. You said you will always to be bad you aren't you are a doctor. You save lifes yo nothing to me any more." 

Midnight to her Mother Angel


When the two sisters were ten they got into a major car wreck with their Aunt May. After the girls woke up they had wings even though they were twins they ended up hating each other after the wreck. After Midnight lefted her family she went to The Team. 


Before The car wreck Midnight was at heart, a somewhat friendly, warm-hearted girl. After The car wreck Midnight is now a mean hearted girl who hates everything about her former family. She is truley not a force to be messed with. Even though she may seem angery at her sister she has worried about her. When  her brother Lighting said Angla was in a coma. Midnight lefted the room and went behiden a building to cry her sorrows out.

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