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Vital statistics
Real Name Zeo Abis
Aliases Torch, Megatorch
Gender Male
Species Alien
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Hot Burger, Gokarts, Baseball
Dislikes Evil
Place of Origin Xernon
Residence Earth
Relatives Victoria (Sister) Jeff (Brother)
Allies Sarah, Jacko, Icebow
Enemies Bot, Jim Nicky, Estrella, freezo, Death (Arch enemy)
Affiliations Ultra Titans
Powers & Abilities
Powers Fire manipulation, Teleportation, genius intellect, imortal, strength
Weaknesses unknown
Equipment Double lightblade, Fire Sword (Formally)
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}
Zeo Abis


Born March,4 2001 was born on the planet Xernon. He was transported to earth when his planet fell into a black hole, he was adopted by John and Sam Hankson. 14 yrs later his parents told him what happened and he did not take it so well.

Ultra Titans

At the age of 16 he formed a group called the Ultra titans that has 8 people

physicet, Morph , Valentine , Flashet, Torch or MegaTorch Da claw, IceBow ,


Zeo likes to hang out at Hot Burger a restaurant that sells burgers and other delicious food. He also loves to gokart and play baseball. He loves to hang out with girls and his teammates


 Incredibly amazing smartness
 extreme strength
 Good Looks


Sarah: The first time they met at Hot Burger. He noticed a battle between Bot and Sarah. He saved her and they became friends but when they

Jacko: Zeo first met Jacko at the Dun theater while getting tickets, Jacko was the cashier. A few days later he met him again at a Super Hero Meeting .

Valentine: Zeo met valentine at a oprah theater they laughed at the music and got kicked out. They then went to a movie and became deep friends.

Carly: Zeo met carly when she was hunting. A bear attempted to attack her so he destroyed the bear.

Jason: Zeo met Jason at a motocross when his motorcycle got destroyed he came to his help

Icebow: When Icebow was on a nuclear field something went wrong and he almost died if Zeo didn't help him. He lost half his body so Zeo made him half human half robot.

Jaken: Zeo and Jaken have been friends since the were 6 Jakens powers are to teleport and super strength and laser vision Terra: These two met when Zeo visited the Teen Titans and Terra was there, making Beast Boy jealous.


Zeos look and name is from the anime show beyblade.

His first appearance was in the torch is here!

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