Civil is a sword weilding guardian called the Maverick

Vital statistics
Real Name Unknown
Aliases Civil, Maverick
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes His swords, protecting, and allies
Dislikes His past and his name
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence Titan T in Evert
Relatives Unknown
Allies Titans
Enemies The Gang
Affiliations Central Titans, Everet, USA
Powers & Abilities
Powers Healing factor
Weaknesses His Anger
Equipment His sword
First Appearance N/A


He doesn't like to talk about it. He somehow arrived in his nomadic journies upon Everet. There he fended off multiple zombie-like creatures. Afterwards he and the others who helped him were asked by Nightwing to form the newest Titan team. He accepted and was chosen as leader due to his strategic know-how.


Unlike the others Civil (As he likes to be called) is not a people person. He is not otgoing in an way and is often found alone. He is slowly warming up to the rest of his team however.


Civil is 5"7 making him the shortest male on the team. His hair is jet black and spiky. His eyes are aqua blue. He wears a green v-neck and an ancient jacket. He has his sword strapped onto his back.


Healing Factor- His body can repair itself at speeds far faster then a normal human. 

Demon Force If pushed too far, Civil loses his self control and becomes a demon like creature. Physically it changes his hair to white and eyes to red. (Shown in the reflection of the sword)

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