"Cut it out and- - - DUCK!!!!"

-Maverick; to Rexion in the fight against Archadia's Armada.

"Seems like he ain't into it...I think I can pound manners into his coconut."

-Maverick; in the interrogation of Kendo.


Maverick (loose the cape

Vital statistics
Real Name Marcus Silverlining
Aliases The Maverick
Gender Male
Species Young Immortal
Status Alive
Alignment What he deems good...
Likes Weapons
Dislikes Almost anything CUTE
Place of Origin A different dimensio
Residence Oklahoma
Relatives none
Allies Teen Titans
Enemies any one who gets on his nerves...
Affiliations Any one whom he made a pact with...
Powers & Abilities
Powers Superhuman Capabilities and Berserkers Wrath
Weaknesses Telepathic emissions, long ranged combat
Equipment A shield and a sword that came from his dimension
First Appearance Im still starting with it...


Maverick is not your typical 14-year old boy. His face is much more mature, even more than Robin's. However it's his physique that really makes him standout. His hands reach all the way down to his knees, while his leg is longer thatn his thight. His body build is more than you expected even for any superhero of his age. He has pure red, spiky hair, his eyes are brown which always have the "I'm watching you" look. Beneath his shirt are the proof of his title as the Maverick. Huge battlescars, one of which stands out as a crucifix shaped scar on the left side of his chest. He wears loose pants and a sleeveless shirt, not to mention a gauntlet that turns into a battle shield.

Biography and Story

Maverick is an Immortal, therefore aspects of his former life cannot really be determined in detail. He is currently 1400 years old. Though his age is such, he retained his 14-year old body, but has a third of the strength of a full Kryptonian at his peak. His endurance and speed are superhuman. Though his skin is resistant to most metals on earth, he is prone to very strong metals like platinum and tungsten. Thus he can be killed quite easier than his masters, the Wanderers. Maverick met the Wanderers 200 years ago, when they felt his Presence somewhere in Oklahoma where they found him idle inside a cave where the sheltered him by their sides. From then on he was trained by the 5 and was treated as a full memeber of the Wanderers. He now bears the title Maverick for his accused rampagous assaults in some cities where in he was actually chasing a Hellspawn. He is the only Honorary Titan within the Wanderers since he was accepted for his body figure and was often called upon by the Titans for help.


Maverick is a free spirited fighter, inspite his skill and strength, he prides himself as a very efficient team player, and he REALLY is. Robin feels comfortable when he's around since he obeys his orders to the letter and doesn't do anything until his told. He one time, he was surrounded by some thugs who robbed an artifact from the Jump City Museum, after contacting Robin who told him not to lose them and wait for them, he actually took some blows until the team arrived.

Powers, Weapons and Abilities

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