Vital statistics
Real Name Maheera
Aliases None
Gender Female
Species Durlan
Status Captive
Alignment Neutral
Likes Freedom,


Dislikes Gordannians,

Other Durlans

Place of Origin Durla
Residence Gordanian Slave camp
Relatives Family (Separated when she was captured)
Allies None
Enemies Her Gordanain slave captors
Affiliations none
Powers & Abilities
Powers Shapeshifting,

Enhanced senses, elasticity

Weaknesses Large amounts of radiation.

Durlan specific diseases.

Equipment She can shapeshift
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}
 Maheera is a Durlan shapeshifter who was kidnapped from her home planet Durla and is a runaway slave hiding in a Gordanian slave camp as whatever species she needs, she normally shapeshifts into a Gordanian to escape trouble but the guards know to look for her. She is very very young about the equivelent of a 7 year old human child.


Maheera doesint remember much of her life before being taken by Gordanian slavers when they attacked her parent's ship they were using to leave Durla. After she was taken she was enslaved where she quickly escaped due to taking the appearence of a Gordanian child and convinced a novice guard to free her.

She travels around the Slave planet constantly running from Gordanians, she helped a adult slave break into the lab and send a S.O.S by distracting the Gordanians so that the fellow slave could hack in and send it out...Before he was executed. Maheera hopes that someone has found the call and she can be freed with the other slaves still there.


Maheera is...Wierd to say the least. She is random, quirky and is often overly cheerful. She has had little contact with non-Durlans before being kidnapped and was tortured at the slave camp so she is really scared of non-durlans before getting to know them.



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