Vital statistics
Real Name Lunaron Luna
Aliases The Evil Moon, Yuèliàng Yāo (means Moon Demon, from Chinese legends), Lunaron the Dark One
Gender Male
Species Supreme Moon Demon
Status Alive and Dead
Alignment Pure Evil
Likes Destruction of civilizations chaos, darkness.
Dislikes Light, do-gooders
Place of Origin Lunar Dimension
Residence Lunosita Palace
Relatives Eklypse (Son), Lucy Luna (Deceased, wife), Trigon (Brother), Raven (Niece), Death (Brother)
Allies Trigon (Brother, deceased), Death (Brother)
Enemies Rayella the Sun Goddess, any do-gooder
Affiliations none
Powers & Abilities
Powers Can destroy worlds, can send worlds into chaos, same as Eklypse's but much more powerful
Weaknesses Pure Light
Equipment Moon Blade
First Appearance Titans Earth: Daddy Issues (Mentioned)

"I am a deadly shadow. I am the Dark Moon. I am from the nightmare of a every world's child. I am ... Lunaron!"
— Lunaron

Lunaron is a species of Moon Demon called the Supreme Moon Demons. They are much more powerful than the normal Moon Demons and Lunaron is the most powerful of all. He is even more powerful than his brothers, Trigon the Terrible and Death the Soul Reaper. His son is Eklypse, a member of Titans Earth who escaped the Lunar Dimension. Lunaron married a human called Lucy actually out of love not for some dark purpose. When Lucy gave birth to Eklypse she had to give up her life force because she found out if he was born without her life force, he would become pure evil like his father. She left behind her moon necklace which Eklypse wears all the time.

Lunaron is the ruler of the Lunar Dimension, a place of darkness and evil. He resides in Lunosita Palace. Contained in the palace is a portal out of the Lunar Dimension which is heavily guarded. Lunaron encourages crime and evil in his dimension and prosecutes anyone who tries to fight back against the corruption and evil by sending them to the Slave Planets. The slave planets are a network of different planets across a range of galaxies and dimensions Lunaron has conquered. His arch-nemesis is Rayella the Sun Goddess.

Lunaron has vowed revenge for Trigon's death. He is planning to finish of his older brother's work with his younger brother, Death. Fortunately, Eklypse destroyed the portal to get to Earth when he escaped the Lunar Dimension, leaving Lunaron having to figure out a new plan on how to get to Earth.


Lunaron is pure black and looks like a living shadow. His eyes are blood red and glowing. When Lunaron moves around he is a bit like dust. (See picture above if you don't understand). When he was in his human form to marry Lucy he looked like like Eklypse does, pale skin and shaggy black hair. When he isn't like a shadow in his true form, he looks pretty much the same except more solid and he wears a sort of Japanese

Lunaron-Human Form

kimono with a black cape. (Shown below)


Lunaron has the ability to manipulate shadows and darkness through the power of the moon. His powers are incredibly tremendous on the night of a lunar eclipse. When there is a full moon on the same night as a lunar eclipse, Lunaron is able to throw a whole dimension into darkness and chaos. Lunaron has all the same abilities as Eklypse but more powerful. Lunaron also has a sword called the Moon Blade (shown on the right). He uses it very little but when he does he is able to defeat an entire army by himself.

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