Luna Haden
Vital statistics
Real Name Luna Haden
Aliases LuLu, Moon,
Gender Female
Species Goddess
Status Alive
Alignment Noble Cuases
Likes Sunsets and sunrises, nightfall, a full moon and a cresent moon, her sister, and Logan.
Dislikes Girls that flirt with Logan, Fire
Place of Origin Balos Beach, Greece (in the water)
Residence Provedince, Rhode Island
Relatives Demitra (mother), Toya Haden (father), and Raina Haden (younger twin sister)
Allies Logan, Mother and Father, Lex, Roxxane, most of the greek gods, and her sister, and the rest of the team.
Enemies Claudia Hoood, Aaron Hoood, Max Mane (stupid boy who acts so cool, everyone hates him), and many more
Affiliations The Lost Warriors
Powers & Abilities
Powers Red sphere like energy called "Bleeding Bolts", strength, endurences, speed, agilty
Weaknesses Fire and anyone in her family in danger
Equipment A red heart neckalace given to her by her father when she was born allows her to teleport.
First Appearance The Lost Warriors Chapter One
Luna Haden is one of the main characters in The Lost Warriors series. She is almost identical to her twin sister exept for her eye color, skin color, and hair color. She has red puipless eyes and a light tan skin almost pink and red hair. She also is dating Logan.

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