Vital statistics
Real Name Lukithan
Aliases Leviathan
Gender Female
Species Gordanian
Status Alive and hunting
Alignment Evil
Likes Destroying Tamaraneans

Taking Prisioners

Dislikes Letting her targets escape
Place of Origin Somewhere in space
Residence Earth
Relatives None of Importance
Allies Fellow Gordanians
Enemies Tamaraneans
Affiliations The Gordanians
Powers & Abilities
Powers Super-Strength

Super accurate aim

Weaknesses Loud

Oblivious to sneak attacks and ambushes

Equipment A large spear

A huge net that can snare opponents

First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}

"The Prey fear me, and I ALWAYS catch my prey"
— Lukithan

 Lukithan, or Leviathan as the Humans call her is a female Gordanian who hunts Tamaraneans for the Gordanian slave pits. She is Ruthless and seeks out the one called Starfire to bring her back to her rightful place...The Citadell


Lukithan was just a young teenager when she heard reports of her king and a soon-to-be prisioner was lost at Planet Earth, by an inferior race called humans. The news was the talk to the planet and Lukithan swore that if she was the one dealing with the humans and Tamaraneans that she wouldint fail. She trained and trained for many years before finally getting what she needed, the Spear of Groxnix: A legendary spear that could puncture nearly everything. She also was trained to throw a net, as she has a naturally skilled aim that is leathal.

As an adult she set out to war under the orders of her new monarch: The Tamaranean Blackfire. Under her name Lukithan was apart of the invading forces to kidnap female humans. Although she failed from Blackfire's enemies the teen titans beating them back Lukithan grudgingly served Blackfire until she was cast out. After Blackfire was imprisoned civil war broke out amonst the Gordanians as they sought a leader over the throne. Seeing this as an oppertunity to strike out on her own, Lukithan left her Citadel home and headed for earth.

On her way to earth she participated in multiple skirmishes with Tamaraneans, Destroying each and every single one she met. As she reached earth she began trying to lay low, ready to strike at all the Tamaraneans thinking them safe on planet earth...


Lukithan is Ruthless, cold and cruel with a will to break her slaves that can only compare to the hottest fires around Trigon's prison. Lukithan also has a huge disgust of humans, thinking them puny creatures unworthy of attention. She is willing to use them however before she trades them into the Citadel for a few pieces of currency. 


Lukithan is one of the rare Gordanian females, a fact that shocks the Tamaraneans as much as the humans. She is covered in spikey scales and wears plate gladiator armor with a loincloth, she has a large tail that can be swiped from side to side to knock down enemies


Lukithan has known a few tamaraneans of note

Blackfire: Lukithan served under Blackfire for a couple years before the dark tamaranean was thrown into prison

Starfire: Lukithan's prime target


Lukithan has keen eyes and can see for miles away on a flat landscape, she can also see in the dark which allows her to ambush her prey at night. She has a spear called the Spear of Groxnix which can pierce nearly anything. She also has a large nets that she uses to toss on and/or snare opponents so she can finish them off.

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