"um...hi." -famous introductory line

Vital statistics
Real Name Lucinda
Aliases Lucy, Luce
Gender Female
Species Semi-demon
Status Alive
Alignment Relatively good
Likes Fire, hoodies
Dislikes Aqua-lad, direct confrontation, attention
Place of Origin NA
Residence Jump City
Relatives Gabriel (brother)

Samantha (mother-deceased), Trigon (supposid father)

Allies Titans

Gaberiel, Slade (at one point)

Enemies Anyone who pisses her off, which isn't very easy to do
Affiliations Usually fights alongside her brother, but can really help anyone, on anyside of the law
Powers & Abilities
Powers Fire, she has the power to manipulate and control fire as she wishes, although she can't concrol it too well. She can also light herself on fire, but does get burned without the aid of her fire proof gear
Weaknesses Water, hence the dislike of Aqua-lad

Shyness, gets pushed around a lot if not carefull

Equipment Fire proof hoodie, gloves, and cargo pants
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}


Generally human like but with petite sature and frame, short, dark hair and big, amber eyes.

Also, a semi-demon, including but not limited to:

- Dragon-like wings

- Pointy tail

- Horns


Her half brother Gabe was born three years before her, to a human mother and an angel father. The act was looked upon with disgust and she was soon bannished to Earth, taking her son with her. No-one knows how but she wound up carrying the second child of Trigon, Lucinda. Trigon was furious, he already had his portal, any further children would just get in the way, so he killed her shortly after Lucy was born, leaving the little unnecessary demon girl in the care of her big brother.

Years passed and the two grew older, Gabe discovered his knack for healing, while Lucy discovered her knack for getting burned. They complemented each other perfectly. But when her powers start getting too strong, and the strain of constantly healing grew too big, they turned to the Titans for help.


Extremely shy, often to the point where she just doesn't answer if asked a question. Because of this shynes she is easily manipulated and pushed around, which annoys Gabe. When faced with direct attention she tends to freeze up and has heated debates in her head on whether or not she should say something, and if so, what?

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