"Like I said before: I don't remember. "
— Light

Vital statistics
Real Name (so far) unknown
Aliases Light
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Hero
Likes friends, nice people, sweets and jasmine tea
Dislikes people who pester her
Place of Origin United States
Residence Venice Harbor in Venice, Italy
Relatives Unknown
Allies Kid Flash, (Jinx, before she died)
Enemies All Teen Titan enemies
Affiliations Currently None
Powers & Abilities
Powers manipulating light, light arrows (literally light arrows), conjuring bright light from any form of light (sometimes even fire), shooting lightbolts (they are like starbolts except they are made from light), master acrobatic, master hand-to-hand combat
Weaknesses None
Equipment Bow and light arrows, her brain
First Appearance
Light is a girl who has lost all of her memories.


She was only 14 when she lost all of her memory. She doesn't even bother to try to retrieve them back since she knows they are long gone.


Brother Blood: He stole her memories so she can go to the Hive Academy. She used to be the top student, but after a change of heart, she disappeared and was never heard from anybody at the Hive, again.

Jinx: Became Jinx's best friend. She promised Lit that she'll help her retrieve her stolen memories.

Kid Flash: Lit has a crush on him, but wouldn't say/show anything about her feelings for him. When Jinx died (trying to retrieve Lit's memories back from Brother Blood but failed), they became a bit closer since Lit comforts him (a lot).


She wears a black double choker and a necklace. She also wears a fish net like gloves (light blue). With that, her outfit also includes a blue heart-shaped tube top, with a light blue skirt, and combat boots.


  • can manipulate light
  • can shoot light bolt (like star bolts except their made completely light)
  • conjure light from a light source
  • hand-to-hand combat
  • master acrobatic
  • master in archery


  1. This oc has been inspired by the Percy Jackson books in several ways (if ya read the books, like all of the books, you'd know)

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