Franklin Bank is a 16 year old agent of the U.S. Government

Vital statistics
Real Name Franklin Bank
Aliases Libra
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment U.S. Government
Likes Being liked
Dislikes Being alone
Place of Origin Kansas
Residence Zodiac H.Q.
Relatives None
Allies The Zodiac, Teen Titans
Enemies The Dopplegangers
Affiliations The Zodiac, USA.
Powers & Abilities
Powers Enhanced Flexibility and Sixth Sense
Weaknesses Mortal
Equipment Various
First Appearance N/A


Franklin has no memory of his parents.  He was raised in an orphanage in Kansas. After turning 13 he was sent to Washington D.C. However instead of meeting his new parents he was brought into The Zodiac

His true past is hidden in Zodiac. The creator of the team is his birth mother. At the time he was born his Father and her were not married. His father, Gerald Summers, was running for president against Lex Luthor. In order to avoid a scandel Franklin was put into an orphanage. His father left the race when another better canidate was chosen. However, by this time Franklin was being searched for by Lexcorp due to the Summers gene. A genetic perfection. It gives anyone with the gene the ability to see anything by using a sixth sense. To avoid causing suspicion Gerald faked papers and had his son put into his wife Gina's team. 


While Franklin looks like an ordinary teenager he has the ability to sense objects near him. So much that by closing his eyes he can see all around him. Also due to much training he is a master acrobat and fighter


Franklin is quiet and timid. While he harbors many feelings he does not like to speak them out loud. Most members of The Zodiac leave him alone. He wants to feel accepted.


Franklin has Brown "Kuriboh" hair that matches his Brown eyes and thin eyebrows. He wears a White dress shirt with the collar up and the scales on the inside of the Left collar. He wears a Red tie and Black jacket also. He is shorter then most of the other guys at 5"6.


Franklin Banks was a random name given to him by the Orphanage. He wants to know who his parents are and if he has another name.

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