Vital statistics
Real Name Alexander Mitch Jr.
Aliases Lenion, Nightlight[by Mammoth], Idiot and Glowstick[by Isis], Dudidio,
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Isis[secretly], his team, skateboarding
Dislikes anything evil, laziness, other guys flirting with Isis
Place of Origin Boston, Massachusetts
Residence Ontario, Canada[that is where Titans Canada is]
Relatives Jenn Mitch[mother], Alexander Mitch Sr.[father]
Allies Teen Titans, Titans Canada
Enemies Anything evil
Affiliations Teen Titans, Titans Canada
Powers & Abilities
Powers full body glowing, controlling fire, withstanding any heat
Weaknesses Ice [this leads to Isis beating him up at times], Water
Equipment Skateboard with rocket and built in jetpack
First Appearance Oh Look. I Have Powers That I Never Even Wanted.


Picture a season three Prince Zuko [of avatar] without the scar. Now for the clothes, Lenion wears a white t-shirt with a red jacket and jeans.

Story and History

Past ,Present ,and Fire

Lenion started off as Alexander "Alex" Mitch Jr. He noticied his parents were snobby jerks who supported the villains with money and wanted to become villains themselves. When his parents wanted him to go into the business at 13, he refused and ran away. Like Gris, he also trained with Robin for his chance to become a hero. He satyed until he was fouteen and left.

Captive By A Family's Hand

Lenion finally changed his name to Lenion instead of Alex. Well, it was his superhero name. His parents questioned him until he gave up that he had joined the Teen Titans. His parents, outraged, threw him in thier underground prison right below thier mansion. His filthy rich parents went off on a trip to get their final degrees as members of the brotherhood of evil.

Two Friends

In prison, Lenion's cell was right across from two other kids. He asked them why they were here. The boy, who's name was Gris, said why: they were the first two members of Titans Canada, and they had been captured and put there. He also said the girl was his sister, Delphi, who had amnesia. Lenion used his fire powers to break free and freed all of the other captors, including Gris and Delphi. In return for his kindness, Delphi and Gris took him with them to become a Canada titan.'


Things went well for Lenion and the brother and sister. He had become the leader because Gris was too young. He led many missions, one where Robin was sending a new girl to the tower. Lenion was excited to have a new teammate. He barely rested that night. He woke up to see a girl standing in the middle of the main room with icy white-blue hair and aqua eyes. She introduced herself as Isis. He first did not like to tolerate her dislike of her powers, but with her cocky personality and charming negative attitude, she grew on him and he developed a liking to her, than a crush.


  1.  Fire control. Lenion can control fire and shape it at his will.
  2. Heat. Lenion can withsatnd the hottest of tempertures.



Lenion's main weakness is ice. If he is hit with an icy attack, he will fall. In fact, his first distaste for Isis was when she accidentily slammed him with a glacier when she met him.

The Back Of His Mind

The fact that his parents are evil became a part of his brain when he was born. Lenion's evil side was a terrible, horrible image. Evil Lenion can kill.

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