Vital statistics
Real Name LeAnn Vincent
Aliases Lee
Gender Female
Species Metahuman
Status Alive
Alignment Hero
Likes Cute stuff, gaming, anime/manga
Dislikes Disrespect, extroverted people
Place of Origin Everet
Residence Titan Tower
Relatives Unknown
Allies Central Titans
Enemies The Gang
Affiliations Central Titans
Powers & Abilities
Powers Teleporting short distances
Weaknesses Only has one power, so human weaknesses
Equipment Throwing knives, portable gaming device
First Appearance Central Titans:Origins

Leap (born LeAnn Vincent) is a current working member of the Central Titans.


Growing up, Leap was spoiled, but never did get the attention she wanted.  Once she grew up, she had gotten excited of how she got the ability to help people.  For her not getting more experience, she is the most naive of her team.  She prefers using Japanese terms for words (ex. sugoi, kawaii, etc.).  She is a big fangirl over most things.  Leap tends to get clumsy often, which follows her paranoia over her friends.



Leap had well respected parents in the Everet, giving her no attention, but she was still spoiled anyway.  Mostly, she thought of having a dream: fighting for justice just like her idol.  She had played one game all her life, followed by sequels.  Though it is only pixels, she dreams one day it will be reality.

Sooner or later, her parents had finally taken her to the convention.  She had gotten a collector's item: her idol's throwing knives.  Her relatives warned her to never use them unless it was in need.  However, she went training with it behind their back.

Central Titans

She had then after attended high school with Skylar Anderson.  For the Halloween party, Skylar had took alien technology, thinking it was a costume.  Then she had gotten attacked.  Leap had helped fend them off.  She then joined in with the newer Teen Titans: Central Titans.

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