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Fairy knight
Vital statistics
Real Name Laila Balan
Aliases Laila
Gender Female
Species Half-fairy, Half-elf
Status Active
Alignment Good; Fae worldpacifist
Likes TBA
Dislikes TBA
Place of Origin Fae world
Residence E.L.F. HQ
Relatives Unknown
Allies E.L.F., All super heroes
Enemies All villains
Affiliations E.L.F.
Powers & Abilities
Powers Healing
minor Plant Manipulation
Weaknesses Dark magic
Equipment None
First Appearance TBA

Laila was the first fairy to be recruited in the E.L.F. organization and is their personal healer.


Laila is kind and caring towards anybody (even to her enemies). She is a pacifist so she tries to not fight with anyone and is usually the person who calms others down when they argue (no matter how small the matter is).


Laila was born from a fairy and an elf. She grew up with 6 other siblings and all of her peers got her name wrong. Laila was often mistaken for her older sister since they both looked so similar. But there was one thing that was different from both of them: her healing powers. They were stronger than an average fairy so she was taught by the best healers in the fae world. When she turned 15, the king and queen asked her to join the E.L.F. organization because of her gifted powers and she accepted their offer. Before she was accepted into the organization, she was offered to be a healer in Titania's Army which she accepted.



  • Elemental Healing: to cure a living organism using heal one's self or others by using the elements.
  • Empathic Healing: to heal the emotional pain of others.
  • Flawless Restoration: to rapidly heal and restore the emotions and spirits of others. They can cure detrimental emotions, heal trauma, lift mental barriers, insanity, and emotional pain.
  • Healing Aura: to heal others with one's aura.
  • Healing Kiss: to heal others with a kiss.


Since she is half elf, she does have minor plant manipulation.


Since she does have fairy wings, she can fly great distances. She can't fly super fast though since fairy wings are very delicate and easy to break. They can only be fixed by fairy thread that is woven by a fairy needle.


Coming soon

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