Vital statistics
Real Name Lisanna "Lace" Ellison
Aliases Lace
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Peace, Lian, Home
Dislikes Noise, Hate
Place of Origin Born one year in the future.
Residence Watchtower
Relatives Hunter Ellison (Father) (Deceased)

Maggie Ellison (Mother) (Deceased) Lian Harper (Girlfriend)

Allies Project

The Rebellion (Formally)

Enemies Utopia

Utopia(Rebellion) (Formally)

Affiliations Project, USA
Powers & Abilities
Powers None
Weaknesses Mute
Equipment Bow and arrows.
First Appearance Rebellion

A mute archer from the Future


Lace was a child during the Battles between Project and Utopia. Her parents both died. She was rescued by a girl named Lian. The two worked together to survive eventually joining The Rebellion After defeating Utopia Lace and Lian travelled back in time together to raise Lian's younger self.


Lace is 5"3 with purple hair that reaches down to her knees. Her normal outfit is a blue and white striped T with jean short-shorts and long stockings. Unafraid to show her face in combat she wears a black school uniform. She claims its comftorable and allows for tracking of the wind. She does wear shorts under her skirt to allow her to do her acrobatics.


Lace is soft spoken. Mostly due to the fact she is mute. And also because she enjoys the calmer things in life. She does however understand protecting herself and others. Growing up during the end of the world taught her to be strong.


Lian is an excellent archer and master acrobat.

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