Edit profile *History  [1]Added by Kronk95my name on this wikia is kronk 95

I am from america

I am a 18 years old man

i have graduated early from high school

I will be going to collage this fall for advance electronics and industrial automation

my favorite color is gold

my hobbies are:

hunting,     shooting my bow, gun, shot gun, sling shot, blow gun

fishing,      listening to music,

trapping,     camping,

hiking,        boating,

sports,       reading,

writing stories,  playing with my dogs,

playing with young kids.

my favorite food is hamburgers

my least favorite food is pineapple

my favorite tv shows are ben 10 , ultimate spider man, psych, teen titans, the original loony toon show, and scooby doo

my favorite cartoon characters are ben 10, beast boy and bugs bunny, scooby doo

I have learned to do a lot of stuff

gardening,  horseback riding

navigating,  driving,  cooking,

sewing,  how to train animals,

tracking, mechanics.

my dislikes are

driving , long car rides,

moving people

being stuck in crowds,


fast food,

and most junk food.

Garasauras rex

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