Vital statistics
Real Name ?
Aliases Night, The Black Shadow
Gender female
Species human
Status alive
Alignment evil (sort of)
Likes The moon/moonlight, shiny things, fighting, mystery
Dislikes Bright sunlight, heat, humidity, boring days, the government
Place of Origin an alleyway, in New York City
Residence secluded apartment in the Upper East Side
Relatives none
Allies none
Enemies the government
Affiliations N/A
Powers & Abilities
Powers ninja, thief
Weaknesses no particular weaknesses
Equipment shuriken, katana sword
First Appearance N/A
Koko is a abnormal human girl, who is also a professional thief and con-artist. She is refined and educated, despite her seedy background. There are fatal consequences for those who dare to oppose her.


Koko has silky, long, bright red hair that was naturally a honey auburn color. Koko died it in honor of her recently deceased master, who taught her everything she knows, since Koko extremely likes it this way she continuously dies it and maintains it. With her petite stature and thin features, Koko may seem to be a child (she uses this to her advantage) but in reality she is fourteen years old. Since Koko is a thief and con-artist, often she disguises herself in several ways. One day she be a girl scout, then a punk-goth, or a school girl. With Koko you never know what she's going to appear as, but when she's not stealing or conning, she dons the black outfit her master left in her possesion. It consists of a long sleeved school uniform shirt, a pleated black skirt, and long black thigh high stockings, with you guessed it: black! platform mary janes. This is the outfit she is most comfortable in, and the one she wears when she isn't pretending to be someone else.


This all depends on who she is pretending to be. Koko takes acting to a whole different level, her motto for pretending to be someone else is: "To be someone else, you must not only dress alike, you must also think like them, act like them, talk like them, in order to be someone else, you must actually BE them." Thus she could have you thinking she's a happy gal, then make you think she's an insane killer the next. Though if you really knew her (the only person who actually knows her is now dead) you would see that she is a kind, yet contrastingly evil soul. She has her own (messed up) sense of right and wrong and will perform her own version of what she deems justice. Koko is especially kind to people who can understand her, and those who were in situations similar to her. Koko will sometimes perform acts of charity. Koko, though kind of evil has a surprisingly fresh personality. She laughs and smiles more than often, and cracks jokes every once in a while. Unfortunately, the death of her teacher has sent her reeling into a serious and easily irritated attitude.

Powers and Abilities

Genius Intellect- Koko does have a genius IQ, though more than often she'll play dumb for various reasons.

Ninja- She has been trained in ninjitsu, and has been taught the way of the ninja. And also has mastered all of the martial arts.

Stealing- Koko is a proffesional thief, and can steal almost anything, without being noticed.

Con skills-She can fool most of everyone, uses this advantage to aid her in her thieving, cons people daily for even the smallest of things.

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