Klara and Kira
Klara and Kira
Vital statistics
Real Name Клара


Aliases Klara, Klay,

Kira, KK

Gender Female
Species Human
Status alive
Alignment good
Likes finishing each other's sentences, classical music, coffee, penguins, bloody bodies, gambling
Dislikes Being separated, losing to each other, vegetables
Place of Origin Moscow, Russia
Residence Abakan, Russia
Relatives each other, Zhanna
Allies Titans Russia, Teen Titans
Enemies None in particular. Evil in general
Affiliations Titans Russia
Powers & Abilities
Powers none
Weaknesses Being shot. Y'know. Things that generally kill human beings.
Equipment Makarov pistols, SPP-1, RP-12M, Saiga Taktika, OTs-02 Kiparis, KSVK,DS-39, Machine gun, GShG-7.62,RG-6, hand granades
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}


Both of the girls wear thick, brown tights and brown gloves. They both also wear brown army style boots, and light brown/tan coats with fur. Kira's coat has brown fur, while Klara's coat has white fur. The girls are 5' 9", and weigh 120 pounds. They have pink eyes, as well. Klara wears a pink headband with a bow and a white fur hat. Kira has a brown fur hat, with no headband.


The girls enjoy completing eachothers sentences. They do this on a regular basis. They do practically everything together, and argue a bit. They never rise their voices, however. They always are there to help, and are great with machines. They do the fixing-up around the tower, and polish all of the weaponry. The girls enjoy smiling, and have a bit of a facination with death. They are not any form of "goth" or "emo", however. They are rather girly.


Guess who has two thumbs and googled all of these? This guuuuy. 

Makarov Pistols

Makarov Pistol

I didn't wanna have to upload a ton of pictures of guns to the wiki, but here I stand. I had no other option, so this is what you get.

The girls carry 2-3 of these each all the time.


Each of the twins have one of these at all times.


They both own 2 each, but rarely carry them.

Saiga Taktika

Saiga Taktika
Klara owns 2 of these, and Kira owns 1. They carry them more often, but not all the time.

OTs-02 Kiparis

OTs-02 Kiparis
Both girls own 1, and carry them at all times.


Kira is the only one to own this. She carries it with her quite often.


Klara is the only one to own this. She only takes it with her on big missions.

Kalashnikov Light Machine Gun

Kalashnikov light Machine gun
Both girls own 1, and usually don't take it with them.


Both girls own 1, and usually never take it with them on missions.

Hand Grenades

Hand Grenades
Both girls carry 20 0f these at a time.

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