Kil Demon

Name:UNKNOWN identity:Kil Demon Powers:fast and strong. when his mark glows he can take more hits even when he is going to feint.



Kil was just a Human when he ran into a witch then called her a monster. He turn into a wolf-like person with black fur and a red mark going down his whole body. After he was turned he killed his new master and ran away without knowing who he was before he turned.

Joining the Team

While on his Quest to find who he is Kil met someone he didn't know. The person was wearing a purple cloak hiding most of her features. The girl started attacking him with her powers til he blacked out unknowing to her his mark started to glow red then he got up. she was surpised by him when he hit full force on her face. the blood run down her mouth as she wiped it off. She said to him "you sould join my team stranger than you might learn something." She then tossed him a paper with a address on it. He looked at it for a while than looked up and she was gone in a second. He walked to the place and opened the door. He saw three other people there and one was the girl he battled with. the people looked at him than stopped as the girl walked forward. "you came mr..." she said as he did not tell her his name. He just nodded to her as she handed him a object that can call him where ever he his. The team looks at him as he walked off with some being sraced of him.


Speed that is as quick as the wind

Strength that can damage a steel down in one hit

sharp claws and teeth

Whwn his Mark glows he can take damage and not feel the damage he took before the mark glows when it dies he loses his footing and falls on the ground damage and hurt

He has knowlogy of supernatural things that happen

Has strong smell, sight, and hearing

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