"...Why could i beat you?because of my strength speed and knowledge oh!and i can use my power ring..."
— Kid Lantern

Kid Lantern
Vital statistics
Real Name Andrew "drew" smith
Aliases Quick shot,Barren,Blade,white fire,Gale,green lantern corps.
Gender male
Species Human
Status alive
Alignment good
Likes being a hero,flirting with girls
Dislikes Bad guys,being annoyed
Place of Origin earth
Residence mega city
Relatives TBA
Allies all titans
Enemies All evil
Affiliations Honorary new titan,Green lantern corps.
Powers & Abilities
Powers create objects with power ring
Weaknesses still just human
Equipment Lantern ring
First Appearance New teen titans

Kid Lantern is the youngest current member of the Green lantern Corps. A citizen protector of Mega city, he was discovered by Quick Shot and they worked together. He then became an honorary member of the New Teen Titan.

He has flirted with Whitefire multiple times but was interuppted by Barren.

He treats Blade and Gale like his siblings, bringing them presents when he visits.


He is easygoing and stubborn. He like to flirt with girls, and is quite the ladies man.


Before New Teen Titans

Kid lantern full

kid lantern full

He was born Andrew Smith to a normal life. He grew up normally until one day a lantern was fighting with a criminal and they crashed into his home and killed his family the lantern had died as well and the ring choose andrew as its new host because it knew he would be a great lantern one day.

After learning the basics of the ring at Oa (lantern base of operation) he deemed himself kid lantern. Due to him being just a child he was put incharge of only a city and not the planet. At some point Quick Shot went to mega city and they became friends.

New Teen titans 2045

Quick shot went to mega city to introduce the team to Kid lantern.Kid lantern saw white fire and started flirting with her but barren stopped him and so began a new rivalry.

The peace keeper attacked mega city to try and take control of it but the New teen titans and Kid lantern stopped his army after that kid lantern became an honorary new titan.

Comic strip

kid lantern and dynamo X fighting!(comic strip)


  • enhanced reflexes:due to lantern corps. training
  • flight expert:due to his practicing
  • Great willpower:This enhances his rings power


  • Losing his ring: is not very powerful without his ring
  • Still human: the same weaknesses most humans have


Kid lanterns lantern

Kid lantern's lantern

  • Lantern battery: Allows him to recharge his ring
    • Power ring:allows him too construct objects out of

      His ring

  • Titan communicator:For contacting the new titans.


  • The ladies love him
  • "In brightest day,In blackest knight no evil shall escape my sight you stupid criminals"


  • Created him after watching green lantern 2011 trailer
  • He is the youngest green lantern of the green lantern corps.2045
  • I think I made the head to big.

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