Vital statistics
Real Name Kizimiz'tri (Kianlani)
Aliases Kianlani


Gender Female
Species Tamaranean
Status Alive, hiding from other Tamaraneans
Alignment Neutral
Likes To voice her opinion

Dancing Human partying

Dislikes Tamaranean authority


Place of Origin Tamaran
Residence Somewhere on earth
Relatives One of the Noble Tamaran families
Allies Currently None
Enemies The Tamaranean police


Affiliations Herself
Powers & Abilities
Powers Common Tamaranean powers such as:

-Bright Green energy bolts -Manifesting energy from her body -Accelerated healing -Flight -Omnilinguistic assimilation -Invulnerability -Self-sustenance -Great at hand to hand combat

Weaknesses Constantly feeling threatend by authority

A little vain but shady

Equipment A Tamaranean dress that marks her as nobility
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}
Kianlani is a Tamaranean girl who is wanted on Tamaran and has fled to earth to escape notice, she often tries unsuccessfully to blend in with humans and avoid the other few tamarans she knows to live here, Starfire and her allies back at the tower.


Kianlani was born to one of the Great families of Nobility in Tamaran, a fact that gave her prideful vanity and outspokeness. She grew up surrounded by riches and learning how to fight, though she was heavily scolded due to her initial weak fighting ability. She had always heard murmurs of the Tamaranean princess Starfire and how she left the crown to live on earth, a thought that Kianlani had always disagreed with and always exclaimed. However she respected Starfire as a figure of Royalty and as such took care not to push it too far. 

When she had finished her transformation she had gained even more vain until she brattily began speaking her own opinions to others and often bossed around the non-noble tamaraneans. This continued until Galfore made a law requiring those of noble status to pay more than the "common folk" because of their greater riches, discontent with the law she openly defied King Galfore in the middle of the court and said she would never.

After that she was sentenced to life in prison for disobediance of treason against the Royal throne. She spent a few years in prison working on shady practices that would help her work her way out of prison. Of course she made only a little progress during most of it trying to keep the prison guards from seeing. When a skirmish broke out between Some Gordanian ships and the Tamarans most of the guards went to fight, letting all of Kianlani's work come to frutition and she slipped off Tamaran, fleeing to earth as she knew that even though there were still Tamarans there she could easily hide from them and earth was full of people she could hide among. She has been there since.


Though humbled by her time in prison and spent in seclusion on earth, Kianlani still considers herself Tamaran Nobility. She tries to keep it quiet but her ego often fails her, but she is getting better. Kianlani often goes out to nightclubs or wanders around searching for a party as she is quite intriqued with Human dancing and parties.


Kianlani looks like a regular Tamaranean girl, she has red-brown hair with green eyes. She wears a Tamaranean dress that was designed for the Tamaran royalty and though she can not fly well in it she prefers it to anything else.


Kianlani has little to no relationships of current worth


Kianlani has standard Tamaranean abilities but cant fly as fast due to her dress.

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