"I'm always here, you just can't see me! "- Kallie

Vital statistics
Real Name Kalliea Morn
Aliases Angle, Darling, Gift Sent From Above (literally)
Gender Female
Species Angle
Status Alive
Alignment good
Likes Angles, Heaven, Good stuff, Pink stuff
Dislikes Hell, Demons, bad stuff, black stuff
Place of Origin Heaven
Residence Earth
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies Demons, Satan
Affiliations none
Powers & Abilities
Powers fly, invisibility, change, Call
Weaknesses The Devil
Equipment Her pet fluttercat, Mink
First Appearance none


Kallie is sweet and kind, and usually is around people, as a guardian angel. Often, she is with her white Fluttercat, Mink (fluttercats are up for adoption, but please talk to Yina). Also, she hates having being chosen as an earthy angle warrior, but because the command came from God, she obeys.


Kallie is usually seen as an angle, but can hide her wings and look like a normal girl. When doing this, she has a light white tank top, a pink plaid skirt and mary jane shoes, with white knee-high socks with pink lace. She keeps accesories like her pink lace choker with long end lace.


Flight; Kallie is able to fly by using tiny wings on her back.

Invisability: She can turn invisible.

Change: Kalliea is able to take on many different forms.

Call: she is able to call angles or even God.

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