The Justice Teens exists on an alternate Earth.


On this Earth the threats that caused the Justice Leauge to band together happened eariler in time. When the White Martians invaded Earth, five teens stood side by side to defeat the threat. 


Clark Kent- Smallville's Superboy. Still Learning to control his powers Clark is trying his hardest to lead the team. - Clark's personality is that of a boy sout. He tries to do his best to be kind with words but discovers that a firm word is what makes people listen.

Bruce Wayne- The Mysterious newcomer. Bruce left training with the shadows early to fight the Martians due to Ra's not wishing to interfere. - Bruce is a loner. He prefers to stand off in shadows and fight by himself. While he knows that the world needs a group to save them he's not sure if the group needs him.

Diana of Themiscyria- The Amazon. Seeing the dangers that beset the Man's world Dianah left Paradise Island to help fight. - Diana is a tomboy. Anything a boy can do she can do better. Or at least thats her philosophy.

Hal Jordan- The Flyboy. After receiving his ring Hal at first used it for his enjoyment. When the invasion began however he quickly began to use it for its true purpose. - Hal doesn't like to think. A creature of impulse, Hal does whatever he wants without thinking of the consequences.

Barry Allen- The Streak. After an accident in his Uncle's lab, Barry became able to run faster then the speed of sound and maybe someday the speed of light. - Barry is a brilliant studant and young scientist. He is a quick thinker and sometimes a prankster.


This was done just for fun. All rights go to their originators.

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