Vital statistics
Real Name Jesicca Forera
Aliases Juno
Gender Female
Species Ithaso
Status Alive
Alignment weak
Likes Her husband
Dislikes His other wives and children
Place of Origin Ithosia
Residence Herosquad Tower
Relatives Jupitur(brother),Neptune(brother),Pluto(brother),Ceres(sister),Vestalia(sister),Rheora(mom) and Saturn(dad)
Allies None mabye her husband
Enemies All her husbands other wives and kids
Affiliations Herosquad
Powers & Abilities
Powers Childhood and marrige
Weaknesses No besifeck one
Equipment None
First Appearance Herosquad S.1 E.1

Grudge Girls


She has the powers over marrige and childhood. She can make people want to marry each other or turn them into kids. She gets very jelous, very easily and wants nothing but the perfect family.

Physical Apearence

She has brown hair and light blue eyes. Her hair looks like Terra's in a way. She has a Green tank top and a short short green skirt. And she has above knee high green boots and a green mask. In her human form she has a green T-shirt and white pants.


Befor Birth:Her father heard that if his wife bore children it would mean the end of those heros and his children would be heros. He didn't want this to happen so when Jessica came along he abanded her on a planet. But the native people their took her in and raised her.

Childhood:When she was born she was raised up on Ithosia and grew up and devoloping their powers. Then her older sister and brother came along. Vestalia and Jupitur said that she was their sisterl; and needed to stop the leader of the heros because he was now evil. She called them lunes and went back to her house. The people their who were raising her told her that it was true what they had said. She reluctantly joined them and beat Saturn together.

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