Jordan Mockboy
Vital statistics
Real Name Jordan Mockboy
Aliases jordan "the Juggernaut" Mockboy
Gender Male
Species Human, anchorman
Status Alive
Alignment Pirate
Likes Destruction, Chaos, Pain
Dislikes Waiting
Place of Origin Bellfruit Island, West Blue
Residence Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Allies Creww Members
Enemies Esper Conyae
Affiliations Fist Pirates
Powers & Abilities
Powers Power-Power Fruit, Haki, Advanced Physical stregnth and endurance
Weaknesses Water, Sea prism, non Kinetic attacks
Equipment none
First Appearance yet to be revealed.

Jordan Mockboy is a powerful pirate from Eiichiro Oda's dimension "One Piece". during his fight with Esper Conyae he relaese an immense amount of energy that opened a rift sending them both into Astralagi's Universe. He clashes with the Teen titans and the titans of the Sozen arc, not being able to return to his dimension.

Abilities and Powers

Jordan Mockboy is a wrestler, but he is far more than that. He possess nearly inhuman levels of Endurance, Strength, and a very high pain threshold. In Addition he has swallowed a cursed Fruit known as the Power-Power Fruit that allows him to absorb Kinetic energy to heal himself or make him stronger. Since Kinetic energy is the energy of motion he always has a limitless supply of power. He is the Chuck Norris of One Piece. his Physical fighting style and Paramecia class Fruit usually only affects physical opponents but he is capable of releasing Kinetic Energy Shock waves similar in size and power to those of Whitebeards Quake-Quake Fruit. He can even use this technique to hit noophysical enemies, like those wielding Logia Fruits. In addition he has shown a use of Haki, the ability to intimidate opponents by channeling ones spirit. This could be Haki or him releasing kinetic shockwaves. All of his skills combined gave him the title, "Most Powerful Man in the World." He is known in his world as Jordan, the "Juggernaut" Mockboy, and as a pirate captain of the Fist Pirates he has a bounty on his head for well over 900,000,000 Belis.


Jordan has a few weaknesses. non kinetic attacks won't fuel his powers and someone wielding the Bubble-Bubble Fruit is his greatest nightmare. In one Piece history there have been severral opponents Jordan would never have dared face. But being born nearly 30 years after the Whitebeard war has it's advantages, most of the Pirates who posed teh biggest threat to him are dead or very old. He considers himself on par with Whitebeard. He has a few other waeknessess, like anger managment and close range fighter. The most obvious is his generic weakness of the sea and sea prism.

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