" I never would have left had I known they would raid cities and even resort to killing or enslaving people just to find me. I'm sorry, Finn. You have to believe me. "
— Jonah

Jonah Waters is a wanted fugitive on the run from a terrorist group known as the Deserters. He is best known for his archery skills and taking down many soldiers at once.

Jonah Waters
Jonah Waters
Vital statistics
Real Name Jonah Waters
Aliases Jo
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment No one right now
Likes Fighting and stealth attacks
Dislikes The Deserters
Place of Origin Gristol
Residence Traveling & Hiding
Relatives Unknown
Allies None right now
Enemies The Deserters
Affiliations None right now
Powers & Abilities
Powers N/A
Weaknesses People he cares about
Equipment His bow and arrows
First Appearance N/A


Born to a wealthy family in the richer part of Gristol, Jonah had it all. He had servants wait on him and bring him whatever he wanted or needed. He attended a private boy’s school and got a very good education.

While most nobles looked down upon the poor, Jonah did whatever he could to make their lives a bit better. Of course, to avoid being chewed out by his parents, he did all the good deeds anonymously.

Somehow, his parents found out what he was doing with their money and scolded him, later sending him to a military school to punish him. There, he learned how to be the archer he is now and when he returned home, he was abandoned by his parents as seen when his house was up for sale and there was no one around.

For the next few years, he wandered the streets alone until a member of the Deserters found him and took him in. He learned more advanced combat strategies and by the age of 6, he found out their true intentions and ran away for a year and hid in Whitecliff which was later raided by the Deserters who was on a rampage to find him.


Jonah is a quiet and laid back person. He likes to goof around and crack jokes around those he's comfortable around. He is currently being tracked by The Deserters and is trying his hardest to get away from them.


Jonah is a very skilled archer thanks to his training with the Deserters. He can shoot a mile away and aim precisely. He is a very good hunter and can also skin an animal for food no problem at all. He's still working on his stealthiest, which isn't quite perfected yet.


Spirit: Has a very strange relationship with her. He is the reason the Deserters invaded her village, and she still blames him even though he tries to apologize. He works with her from time to time and they make a pretty good team despite their differences.

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